A Daeva’s Faithful Companion

Wandering around the scattered lands of Atreia can sometimes be lonely, so it is always nice to know you have your fuzzy little companions with you. Pets in Aion are faithful companions to the player, always with you no matter where you go. They have their own personalities and styles, from adorable to whimsical to fierce which reflects on the player themselves. Having a pet is something special to a Daeva. Not only do they speak volumes about your character’s personality, but a lot of pets also help you out as you run around Atreia. For me, I’m always out playing and adventuring with my pet kitters: Slash and Bastet. They help me out so much. If you are planning on picking up a pet in Aion, here are some tips everyone should know.

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Some Furniture in Aion Stands above the Rest

Looking at the loot of a freshly fallen Balaur, you happily see that rare piece of armor you’ve been trying to get for hours. You go to take it when, uh no, you have no room in your inventory. You have other items that you have been collecting and have been storing them on your character since your warehouse was completely filled up and you didn’t want to sell them. We’ve all had that problem at one point or another in game. But there is a simple way to help solve it: cabinets.

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5 Reasons you Should Totally Play Aion in a Group

Going through Aion, you will come across many different moments when you say to yourself; “Wow, I wish I had a partner for” [insert what you are doing here].  While Aion can be solo-ed, I have done it and I know others that have too, there are a lot of benefits to actually playing in a group. Some of these points may seem really obvious, and you may say “Come on Krypps get your act together, have you been hit by too many Balaur?” Yeah, for older school players this will be obvious but, for upcoming Daevas this could help. Here are 5 reasons playing in a group can benefit a player:

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Levinshor Camp Flipping

I recently got a comment from Eversor (she plays on the Kahrun server as an Asmodian) talking about camp flipping in Levinshor. First, a little bit about Levinshor for new players. Levinshor is an old school level 65 map were the two races, Asmodian and Elyos, go to PvP or fight against one another. There are upper level crafting materials available but what most players are interested in is Blood Marks (BM) to purchase entry level PvP gear. There are camps in the area that are color coded in sets of three. If you can capture a camp, special NPCs (Non-player characters) called Denkus will appear. The more bases in a set you flip, the more types of Denku appear, and the more Blood Mark quests you can complete!

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Aion is a massive multiplayer online game and even after 5 years of playing it, there are still new things I discover all the time. The game changes with new updates or you just discover a new quest tucked away on the map, There is so much to explore around the world of Atreia that you are bound to find something new. I hope to blog about my new finds and post tips to help the Aion community. Please join me while I wander around Atreia.